Shipping and Payments


1.Placing an order

Add the goods chosen to the cart or shopping bag, then open the cart and specify the quantity of the items needed. Make sure that all the details are indicated correctly. To go to the order finalisation form, press “Proceed to checkout”. On the checkout page, revise the shipping address and the email address.

2.Payment options

We accept payments in various currency but our products price is in US Dollars. We deal only with 3 payment method which are CREDIT CARD, ZELLE and BITCOIN. When placing order you will see all this details on the checkout page.

3.Shipping terms (depending on the region):

    • USA Domestic ― 1 to 2 days;
    • USA International ― 3 to 4 days;
    • Europe ― 5–7 days;
    • Latin America ― 4–6 days;
    • Canada ― 1–2 days (if you want to order our goods to Canada, please, contact our consultant in the first place).


4.Tracking Number

After you make a payment, the information about your order will be sent to the warehouse, and, within about 48 hours, the customer support team will send you the tracking number.

5.Shipping fees

A delivery fee is fixed and equals $50 for all the orders.

6.Bulk orders

We accept bulk orders as well. To learn more details, use our contact form to reach us.


We have vast experience of working in the sphere of commerce and take proper care of our clients, so packaging is performed at a top level and is characterized by ultimate safety.